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Create the life that you love. Own your power and make choices that honor you.


Tiffani Keaton

I am an Intuitive, Extroverted Empath, Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Hypnotist, Goddess, Mommy, Entrepreneur, Artisan, Music Lover, Book Reader, and Social Media Maven who loves comic book movies (#TeamMarvel), Beyonce, Snapple Lemon Flavor Ice Tea,  my Kindle, gemstones, crystals,  live concerts, (Why yes that IS Ginuwine, Platinum R&B Singer & I, Tiffani Keaton, hugged up with) and pumpkin candles.

My passion is helping women own their power and help them define what they want most and how to achieve that. I am AMAZING at asking the right questions to help them find the answers inside of themselves and then giving practical advice on how to implement it. I would spend the most of my time helping them figuring out the woo woo stuff that is blocking the practical growth that they seek.

I believe that we each have the power to choose how we want to live our life. And it’s the most underused power in the world! If more people chose to live a life that brought them fulfillment, honored them and brought them joy; the world would be a better place.

How did I get here you might ask? Well in 2011 after splitting from my husband, I decided I was tired of living a life based on should, supposed tos and ought tos. The first decision (which actually preceded the split), was that I was choosing to be happy. No matter what happened or didn’t happen, no matter if I was flush or broke, no matter if everything was fabulous or falling apart around me, I was going to choose to be happy. At that point, I had not read anything about The Secret, Law of Attraction, creating my own reality, or manifesting.I didn’t know a thing about my vibrations all I knew was that it was past time for me to be happy.

Now I wake up each day and I am happy.

That is something that I believe everybody can (AND SHOULD) have and that’s why I do what I do.  So what is it that you do, Tiffani Keaton? (Ok you didn’t really ask that but lets pretend you did! :-D). What I do is help women figure out what it is  they want…and step by step how to get there from where they are now!

As an Intuitive Clarity & Mindset coach here’s what my clients & I co-create:

  • Clarity on what they truly want and what is standing in their way.
  • Create a step by step strategic actionable plan to move past the blocks in their way.
  • Tools and systems that easily integrate in to their daily lives to keep removing blocks and continue forward momentum

 One of my superpowers that helps me create a life I love is a tool called visioning –I have managed to manifest all manners of goodies, trips, prizes, all in all a life I love living! AND I am giving YOU the secret here.  http://bit.ly/tryvisioning

 Stay tuned for my upcoming  program: Activate Your Superpowers Course! Unleash Your Inner Superhero and Save Your Own Day!

  1. B.L. Memee says:

    Hi Tiffani,

    I like what I am seeing here and want to be able to follow you, but I see no follow buttons. I have a wordpress account and would love to be able to read your postings in my reader. I’ve already asked for your ebook to be emailed 🙂

    Looking forward to adding your wisdom to my toolbox!

    ☀ Memee

    • admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by! If you are logged into wordpress the follow button should be at the top of your admin bar. I am adding a follow widget as well. Thanks for wanting to keep in touch!!

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