Free Gilded Tarot Reading Reveal for 07/29/15

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Thanks everyone for playing along. Reveal for free tarot reading with my new Gilded Tarot deck by Ciro Marchatti, I posted on IG/Twitter:


Reveal Time

Reveal Time



Card 1 – Star Reversed –

Card 1 - Star Reversed

Card 1 – Star Reversed

You may be feeling out of touch with reality – caught up in the past and this pessimistic attitude can cause limitations and cut off any hope of renewal. Unchecked negativity or pessimism can wear you down where you may give up your power and allow the situation to control you instead of the other way around. To fix this, it’s time to identify what is discouraging  you or making you feel overwhelmed and work on removing these blocks from your life. Renew and refresh yourself by going deep within, seeking spiritual guidance through meditation or some other spiritual practice and you will see the world in a new light.

Card  2 – Knight of Sword –

Card 2 - Knight of Swords

Card 2 – Knight of Swords

If you look at this card its easy to see what this card is all about! Here is the quintessential knight in shining armor featured in every storybook or fairy tail. Sword held high, emblazoned shield, trusty steed ready to fight for truth and justice. But you aren’t the damsel in distress…YOU ARE THE KNIGHT! Are you dodging your purpose? Hiding out waiting to be rescued…STOP THAT…its time to put on your armor, grab that sword, shield and your trusty falcon…and get the job done. No more time for talk, procrastination, wandering about playing the mandolin..its time for action.

Card  3 – Three of Cups (reversed) –

Card 3 Three of Cups

Card 3 Three of Cups

The reversed Three of Cups often reveals that creativity is being stifled and forced conformity to a group in which you are part of .You may be part of a close knit group that always does things one particular way and is not open to innovation or new ideas . It is now time to consider if you want to do things the way you have always done and stay safe with the group. Or is it time to go your own way and explore your creative abilities to the fullest extent.

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