Oracle Reading – Ocean: “Ebb and Flow”

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Ocean: “Ebb and Flow”

Ocean: “Ebb and Flow” oracle card

Ocean: “Ebb and Flow”

This card is pulled from Steven D. Farmer Earth Magic Oracle Deck (which you can buy here Earth Magic Oracle Cards: A 48-Card Deck and Guidebook)

This is a lesson I definitely needed a reminder of today. With all paperwork snafus of the past few weeks of my three college students returning to campus,I have been frustrated and aggravated. Must remind myself to stay in flow of life and not allow myself to get stressed out. Do not want to end up back in hospital. #selfcare #tiffsglitz

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“The ebb and flow of Life is never more clearly represented than in the oceans’ movements. The tides of these great bodies of water rise and fall in regular rhythms, and the waves continue to roll to the shores in endless and varied patterns, just as they have been doing for millions of years and will continue to do so for millions more.

You have been fighting the ebb and flow of your own feelings – denying your hurt, anger, or sorrow – by either attaching yourself to one of the other and nurturing it as if it were a nursing child, or else smoothing over your feelings with more practiced responses that deny and hide what is going on beneath the surface of your expression. When you attempt to constrict yourself from experiencing your emotions, it is much like trying to stem the tides that grow even more forceful with every attempt humans make to control them. Allow yourself to swim with these variations rather than resisting them.


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