Unmotivated and stuck!It’s too early in 2016 for this!

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Only one week into the new year and already, I was unmotivated. I just couldn’t seem to get my head in the game yesterday. I didn’t want to work on jewelry. I didn’t have any client sessions (have you signed up for my free energy healing session go here for that) to to focus on. I didnt feel like reading any of the gazillion books both fiction and non fiction that are on my Kindle. I was feeling very out of sorts and whiny without anything specific to be whiny about. Well nothing NEW to be whiny about. My money situation is not where I need it to be and its making me anxious.

My partner and I are in a long distance relationship and its not something that is easy for me. But I love this man and I am determined to make it work this time and normally when I am moody like this, I can fall into the trap of it overthinking our relationship and get insecure. But that avenue was closed because not only had he called me before leaving for work. He was running late and still took time to call. (Mucho bonus points for him!!.)
I finally got dressed and decided to run a few errands. My 20 year old son is still home from college and I am thoroughly enjoying being chauffeured around town. I fooled around for a couple hours and finally came home feeling a bit better. A tiny bit less unmotivated!! I decided to get out an oracle deck and pull some cards. I don’t usually give myself readings as I simply do not trust that I am seeing what I need to see vs what I want to see. But occasionally I will pull cards or give myself a type of reading i don’t normally do. My Goddess & Sirens deck (Stacey Demarco) just called out to me. And I looked at the guidebook before I even looked at touched cards (not my usual method…I usually start out shuffling the cards before anything) .

One of the first readings in the guidebook is the Mirror.

A quick two card draw with Card 1: The main obstacle to your goal & Card 2 The Best Action to Take.

Oracle Cards from Stacey Demarco's Goddesses & Sirens Deck

  • Card 1: Hera /Commitment
  • Card 2: Aphrodite/Self-Love

The funny thing is as soon as I saw the word commitment I felt bad. I struggle with consistency. Its definitely not my strong suit and I tend to beat myself up about it. But card #2 is RIGHT THERE with the solution…how bout that. I need to love myself more each time I feel like I am failing at commitment.
So I was still kinda digesting that and I look up at my email and right at eye level is email from Kat Loterzo…and it starts out
10 Inner States You Can Activate to Get SHIT.HOT.RICH
If there’s one thing I know for sure about letting money flow is that money will run and hide like a mofo if your mindset is one of fear, lack, and PLEASE.
You can be crushing on money all you like, begging it to be yours, promising it you’ll do anything, anything really, anything at ALL, falling over yourself with eager desperation but let me tell you:
The energy you’re giving off is one of terrified desperation
Is she talking to me or WHAT? I definitely need these 10 inner states. Like yesterday..last week..last month…you see where I am going with this. I saved her tips. I am going to take one tip a month and integrate it into my life.
She is launching an awesome new program. Unfortunately I will not be in it because at this time shelter costs are a higher priority than partaking in a kick ass biz workshop. But she is definitely on my 2016 to work with list.

Moral of this story kids is sometimes you have to let your brain work its way around to showing you exactly what you need to know to get to your next step. What looks like being unmotivated may actual be marinating time. Time for ideas, thoughts, energy to shift, percolate, bubble up from the surface.

Thanks for sticking with me all the way through and know that I am going to show you the non juicy bits so that you know when I share the juicy bits, its real.

So just stay tuned for it…



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