Whats the Power for the week of June 28, 2015

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Power of Serenity Amethyst Power of Friendship

The Power of Longevity - Agates Power of Successful Love - Emerald Pendant

















This week’s new items are entries in my

Power Pendant Collection

. Who doesn’t want more successful love, longevity, friendship and serenity in their life? We all want more of that right? Gemstones are wonderful way to change your energy. Each one has a unique  energetic frequency (vibration) that has different properties.

Learn more about the properties of Agates, Emeralds, Amethyst, and Amazonite and check out the gorgeous pendants I have available in each topic. (Temporarily out of Amethyst but I promise to restock soon). Each has been cleaned and charged in sunlight and is waiting to go to its new home.

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