No Cost No Obligation Energy Clearing Session

Posted on December 16, 2015 By

I am gifting those who sign up here with a totally free no obligation energy clearing session just for the asking? Not sure if you need one? energy healing, meditation, chakra, energy clearing Ask yourself if you are:
  1. Stuck or at a standstill in your life?
  2. Can't stop negative thoughts or sabotaging yourself?
  3. Constantly procrastinating, feeling sluggish and uninterested in life?
  4. Tired of feeling sick and tired?
chakra illustration, energy healing, meditation, chakra, energy clearing Are you ready to try something different?

Free Energy Clearing Session

I am offering free 20 minute energy clearing sessions. No cost no obligation. Not even going to pitch anything at anytime during the call. All I ask is for your email to send you my biweekly newsletter. I think that's a pretty fair exchange, right? Here is how it works:  You sign up below,  in the confirmation email there will be some questions for you to answer as well as the link to my calendar to schedule. MAKE SURE you hit reply & answer the questions in the confirmation email. Those will allow me to prep for your session ahead of time. If I do not get them, we may have to spend part of our session time on that. Can't wait to connect with you! Love & Light Tiffani energy healing, meditation, chakra
If you run into any trouble with sign up form, you can find links to my calendar & the Clearing questions in the menu bar.