First, I want to thank you for choosing to invite me & my work into your life. It is truly a privilege and I am honored and grateful for the chance to serve you. Here is a little information about me.

I am Tiffani Keaton, an Intuitive Clarity Coach, Certified NLP practitioner, Certified Hypnotist,  Artisan Jewelry Design, Music Lover, Book Reader, Social Media Maven, Goddess, Mommy, Entrepreneur.

Tiff profile

I work with multi-passionate creative chicas who have WAY too much lack in their life… financial lack, lack of focus, lack of trust in their inner guidance, lack of clarity as well as lacking clear boundaries. This lack has allowed drama, chaos, discontentment and unfulfillment in their lives. We work together to remove the weight from their shoulders, get SUPER CLEAR on erasing that lack mentality and totally transparent in order to make a quantum leap into living an abundant life they love.

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